Think, Pray, Eat

Every year I make a “resolution” at the Jewish New Year.  Not a fluffy one like people often make on January 1 that is forgotten just a few weeks in – but something that will hopefully make me a better Jew.

Last year, I wrote about my resolution to be better about speaking my tefillah. When I made the choice last year to focus on speaking the words of my prayers, I recognized that there was another side to improving tefillah that I was not focusing on at the time – frequency. I feel that I made the right choice in increasing the intentionality and kavanah of my tefillah first, but am now ready to really make the next step.

Post by Melissa

I want to be one of those people who stops to properly express gratitude for every morsel of food I eat, for every miraculous and beautiful thing I see in nature, and for my bodies ability to heal itself when I treat it kindly. I want to do many things to improve my frequency of prayer, and I know that this is one that will go in increasing stages throughout the year. Being in a place where we gather and say mincha independently together every weekday and I am surrounded by women who are more consistent about saying brachot than I am is going to really help me in this.

I’m going to start by focusing on food, and we’ll see where it goes from there. I am grateful that I know what I should be saying most of the time, I just need to stop myself, think about what I am about to eat and where it comes from, say the blessing, and then eat my snack. (I am much better about doing it at meal times, than while snacking.) I think my new motto will be: Think, Pray, Eat – kind of like my own version of Eat, Pray, Love I suppose. I am pretty good about thinking before I speak and in many ways before I act, so I hope this is something which I can gain a mastery of fairly quickly and then move on to other places where I can increase my daily brachot so I can keep inching closer to the 100 blessings a day goal.

(I am also resolving to get back in the habit of blogging once a week! It has been hard with all the life changes, but those are especially what this blog was designed to share, so I need to carve out the time for myself and for all of you to do that. I figure if I say it publicly then you can all help hold me to it.)

What do you want to work on to make yourself better this year?