A guiding light

Two weeks ago, D and I drove out to California on our path to Israel. (I am writing this from the Toronto airport on our layover actually! Yikes!) as tends to happen on long car trips, we had lots of time to talk. A one point we were discussing this great undertaking and our amazement at the fact that after many years, it was finally happening. During this conversation, there was a slight bit of rain, not enough to call a storm, but enough for it to be wet.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere there was a rainbow! And then we noticed that it was not one, but two rainbows!

We felt like it was Hashem, riding along with us and reminding us that we were fulfilling part of his plan for us. It was like our own personal moment of covenant. A guiding light on our journey.

When undertaking such a huge and amazing and life changing adventure, it is nice to take a moment to appreciate that we are but a small part of the plan, and this is but a small part of ours.


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