Updates from the Meliverse

I can’t believe how quickly our big move is approaching! I have a long list of deep and thoughtful posts to write, including things such as Orthodoxy and Spirituality, Attractive vs. Attracting, and starting hair covering before marriage.  Alas, that list juts keeps growing along with my other to-do lists. Sigh. Soon, soon, bli neder.

In the interim, I had a few quick things to share:

– This year’s Mother’s Day tribute post, is found over at Jewesses with Attitude. It  was an honor to get to write about two of the most amazing women I have ever known at once. I’ve written about both of them here before separately, but to put them together was extra inspiring.

– I am in fact still in denial over how soon I need to say goodbye to Denver, so please don’t remind me. The ambiguity of mid-July keeps me in denial.

– Dustin and I are keeping a secondary blog to chronicle the daily life of stuff leading up to and eventually happening in Israel. Feel free to read along if you are intereted in that stuff: bayitguti.wordpress.com

– If you want to connect us to cool new friends in Jerusalem, feel free! I have some friends there alredy, but the more the merrier! (I think I’ll need some people to help me make the adjustment.)

– Have I mentioned that I’ve never been to Israel? Like, never ever. The first time my feet will touch the holy land’s pavement will be when I step off the plane on August 2nd to move there for two years. (Let the freak outs commence.)

Hmmm… I swear there was more, but I am not totally sure what it was.


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