Sneakily Styling Scarves

I love scarves as headcovering on a daily basis, however I don’t like always looking the same. So while I have watched many a Style Underground video to get inspiration, I’ve also found a few creative ways to expand my scarf styling repertoire lately which I wanted to share.

My hair is roughly shoulder length, and grown out from a pixie cut so it still has lots of layers and thus doesn’t make a great bun or really give bulk on the back of the head for styling and generally not looking hairless under the scarf.  To combat this, I have started wearing a hair donut (shown to the right) under my scarf. I pull my hair up into a messy ponytail where I want to have the nice bun look at, and then simply place the donut around that pony. I don’t roll it all fancy like people who would use it properly do, since it doesn’t show anyway.  This gives the illusion of a fuller bun, and also allows some bulk on the back of my head. (These are widely available on amazon as well as drugstores, grocery stores, etc.)

Another side effect of my grown out pixie cut is an inability to form one solid ponytail, so I often wear a wig grip headband under my scarf which serves a double purpose.  It both helps my scarf stay in place without pins, and hols all my short pieces securely under the scarf too so they don’t become escape artists.

I also miss having a bit of volume in my hair, and one day while strolling along with a friend I saw some Bump Its on crazy clearance and I wondered if it would work.  Well, it does! You do have to style the hair over it otherwise the teeth of the comb show through the scarf, but its a great way to add some height to your look. It also allows me to do some of the fancier styles which you need a high ponytail to really bulk up. I mostly use the middle level of the three, it gives height without being so obvious. When I do this, I can also wrap headbands or second scarves better because you have more surface area on the head to balance it out. (These are all over amazon for under $2!)

Most simply though, I sometimes just tie a second scarf underneath to give some bulk and fullness.  If you want to have an extra touch of color, you can layer it so it sticks out or wrap the tails visibly, or if you want to be sneaky, you can wrap it totally underneath and only you will know.

What other sneaky tricks do you have to mix up your look for scarves?


10 thoughts on “Sneakily Styling Scarves

  1. ‘Fraid I don’t know the tricks – that’s my wife’s department. But you might look for a book I bought for Yaarah about two years ago. Mitpahot Mitapahot. It’s an Israeli book on tying scarves/headcoverings with useful graphics. I found it at a stall in the Central Bus Station in Yerushalayim; but I would bet someone could help you find it on line. It was good to see you recently! Have a great hag Pesah sameah v’kasher!

  2. This is probably not one that is that unique but I do use scrunchies to make a ponytail just to get more bulk to work with if I want to wrap the tails around so they don’t fall down.

  3. I seem to have a lot of ideas, so here they are in categories:
    I’ve put a scrunchy (or two) around the bun of my tichel, on the outside, to give a little bit of variety. You can also take hair clips and put them around your scarf, so that they then show up as decoration once you wrap them (I put them on after I have my hair covered, but before I’ve “done” the tails). Ditto using headbands to give let another look, or adding a pin. For really snazzy things, I’ve pinned (using safety pins) a necklace onto my tichel, either in place like a headband (so an inch or two behind the front of the scarf), or looped down onto the forehead (sort of exotic in appearance, but very pretty- this also works with a small pendant, while the former is mostly good for strings of beans, or chains).
    Second Scarves:
    Or twisted a second scarf with the tails of the first one, in making a “crown” style. I also tie a second scarf around, scrunched up to make a sort of thick headband, which gives me some height. Then I twist the tails of the two scarves together, and put them around my bun (my hair is thin, but quite long) in the usual sort of manner- but they’re multicolored now, and they give some more bulk, too…
    I haven’t had a lot of luck with the alternating colors kinds of things- they slide off my head.

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