Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) Day – Today!

This is not my usual sort of post, but it is important.

On March 30th, go shopping for Israel no matter where you live. Buy for Israel. Buy for peace. Be a big part of this BIG (Buy Israeli Goods) Day. Buy goods: MADE IN ISRAEL.

The reason it is today is theeefold. 

1) The Anti-Israel groups have declared March 30th a day to boycott Israel. 
2) We must defeat the boycotters who advocate destructive instead of constructive measures, who undermine hopes for peaceful co-existence, and whose only goal is to defame and damage Israel. Buy for Israel, buy for peace.
 3) We can help Israel if we work together.


I implore you all to go shopping today and buy something made in Israel.  Be it a bottle of Israeli wine for Shabbat or in prep for Pesach, a bag of bamba for a snack on the way home from work, or a new Soda Stream.  Just buy something. The “peaceful protest” of the Global March on Jerusalem, is far from peaceful and while there is not much to be done from halfway around the world, we can do this.

For more information:

2 thoughts on “Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) Day – Today!

  1. I read your blog because as a non-denominational but observant woman (and future rebetzin) I really appreciate your perspectives. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you being political in this space (it is your blog after all). However, I just want to take issue with the characterization of all the pro-boycott groups as “anti-Israel”. Some groups calling for boycott are explicitly Jewish groups that support Israel’s existence, love Israel, and support a peaceful resolution, but are highly critical of it’s policies (just like many Israelis are). Even when we disagree with others tactics it’s important not to commit lashon hara by slandering their motives.

    • I am the first to say that being critical of goverment is good, and I support peaceful and constructive protests. The GMJ was neither of those and that is what BIG day was specifically in response to. I have a hard time not agreeing with the language used by StandWithUs knowing who was on the publicized list of advisors.

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