Laughing through Adar

Post by Melissa

As I mentioned the past two years (and likely will every year of this blog – who doesn’t like an excuse to write about happiness?), the Talmud tells us that when Adar begins, joy increases.

Well, quite simply, we’re now over a week into Adar and we need to ensure we bring on the happy!

I posted a request for happy/silly/funny things on  Facebook and got an amazing response, so I decided to post the request here as well as the thing which most made me laugh so far this month.

A rabbi and friend of mine wrote a wonderful spoof for the synagogue bulletin which had both D and I laughing out loud. I initially thought I would just use some excerpts, but it was too hard to narrow down, so instead, I present you with the link.

I hope you too enjoyed a laugh from that and that we can keep each other happy throughout the month!



2 thoughts on “Laughing through Adar

  1. My kids are my constant supply of funny. Their latest shtick is taking my colanders and wearing like yarmulkas. Or, as my three-year-old puts it, like “worker man hats. ‘Cause I’m a worker man.”

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