Thirty days of Thanks

There was a thing around the blogosphere and on Facebook, encouraging people to express their gratitude all throughout the month – one thing a day.  Well, as I mentioned here – the month was a bit out of control for me, but since it is currently the last day of the month, I decided it wasn’t yet too late for my public expressions of gratitude. So in no particular order, thirty things I am grateful for this November, and all year around. (Literally no order, I typed all the numbers and other than the first three things, I just clicked into a line and typed!)

Post by Melissa

1) My amazing husband. That should go without saying, though I say it to him on a regular basis.

2) My supportive and loving parents.

3) Long time friends who are more family than friend at this time and know me better than I know myself.

4) The internet.  Seriously.  The amazingness of what can come from it is beyond me.

5) My best friends’ dog.

6) The beauty of the state in which I live.

7) My neighborhood market… Greeks + Jews = Good times.

8 ) Modern medicine.

9) Baking my cares away.

10) Gainful employment I am able to find meaning and fulfillment in, even on the toughest days.

11) Chiropractic care – it literally keeps my head on straight.

12) The ability to support small businesses and direct sales more and more in my shopping endeavors.

13) Dr. Seuss. Seriously, I found a new love for the depth of his writing this month.

14) Shabbat! I don’t know how people live without it.

15) Positive people and inspiration.

16) Volunteering.

17) Dancing.

18) The kindness and compassion of people when a friend (of-a-friend) is in true need.

19) All the men and women in uniforms past, present, and future, including the many  military personnel in my life not just on Veterans Day, but every day. Thank you for doing what you do, so I can do what I do. (ok, i totaly stole that from Veteran’s day FB status)

20) Everyone who helped my coworkers and I survive this month.

21) Running into old friends at the GA! Seriously, such a treat.

22) Makeup. I forgot what a wonderful tool it was for disguising exhaustion. 😉

23) and my Kosher by Design cookbooks for giving me recipes to keep guests happy.

24) Cool mist humidifiers.

25) Finding my passion in life.

26) My bionic ankle having healed and letting me get back to being the active person I used to be.

27) New friends who make life interesting.

28) Innovative programming and organizations.

29) Accessories. Hey, they make life more fun.

30) This blog. Seriously what started as a whim has become such a central part of my life and I thank you all for being a part of it.

Well, there you have it. Thirty random things I am thankful for. Some are more self-explanatory or explained than others, because well, its my post and thats how it happened 😉


One thought on “Thirty days of Thanks

  1. And I’m so grateful for this blog! Understand why posts are sporadic at present and find the new ones unexpected and delightful. What makes life genuinely happy isn’t so much the BIG events but all the little joys and unanticipated turns. Sometimes I forget this and need a reminder.

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