Slach Lanu and Gmar Chatima Tova

As the beginning of Yom Kippur draws near, we just want to take one final moment to connect with you all.

We are so grateful for this journey and hope you will all continue to join us as the year ahead just takes us to more new places – religiously, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

We would like to ask your forgiveness for anything we may have said (either written or verbal) or done (intentionally or unintentionally) which has negatively affected your life in any way this past year. While a mass post is hardly the way to truly convey this message, we hope it will suffice and we can all forgive one another and enter the new year with no lingering qualms or regrets.  Slach lanu.

We hope and pray that you will all be written and sealed for a year of life.  But not just of life, but of truly living. Gmar chatima tova.

May you have an easy and (more importantly) meaningful fast.  Tzom kal.




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