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Today is my birthday, which also means its the 3rd anniversary of D and I getting engaged – so I thought I’d take a break from the real meat of the blog and recap a personal moment without which I would not be a Rebbetzin-of-the-future 😉

Here is the text of the email I sent to my family and friends the next day:

Yesterday Dustin took me on a birthday outing to Garden of the Gods (www.gardenofgods.com). On our way I took a bunch of pictures of the scenic mountains which flanked our trip and we had a good conversation.
We got over to where the park is and started looking for a place to park so we could work around a bit. Eventually we found a nice little spot and headed in to get a closer view of their majesty. He kept trying to get us closer, and we wound up getting right up to the base of one of my favorite rocks. We laughed and were silly a bit, then while I was sitting down just looking at the rocks, he told me he had something to ask me, and said some nice things – then asked me to marry him! As I’m sure I will never hear the end of, I jokingly said no – and we both laughed and hugged and stuff. Then he asked again, b/c I had said no – and I of course said “yes, of course” and we had a moment at the base of this majestic, gorgeous, almost surreal rock in this quiet garden park…. I don’t think I will ever forget that.
While in the moment, my phone rang and it was one of my good friends calling to wish me a happy birthday – clearly he knew the right moment to interrupt, though I let it go to voicemail.
Dustin and I decided to keep it to ourselves for awhile (or so I thought), and enjoyed the park some more and then he drove around Colorado Springs – showing me some of his old stomping grounds. We reached the point where we really had to head back up b/c he had some studying to do – or so he said!
When we got home, there was a trail of rose petals leading from the elevator to our door, with two candles outside the door. (Though there was also two of our teenager friends/the Rabbi’s kids  looking suspicous trying to get into the building when we arrived.)
We were greeted by friends in our kitchen preparing a gourmet meal (since we don’t eat at non-kosher restaurants – it was hard to have the romantic dinner he wanted – so our wonderful friends stepped in to provide it!), which was then served to us by some of our favorite teens and pre-teens. After a nice, romantic, candlelight dinner – the friends (and more!) showed up again for an impromptu party which even Dustin was not aware of!
We both had the excitement factor increase as our friends sang Od Y’shama (a traditonal Jewish wedding song) and we realized it was for us!

We are both very excited to take this next step and to begin planning our wedding! We are planning on getting married in our wonderful synagogue next summer…

Its hard to believe how long ago it was, other than how little our teen/pre-teen friends are in the photos, it feels like it was yesterday.  I hope our memories only grow stronger as our relationship grows each and every day.

Thanks for joining us on our journey! 🙂

(The photo is one of our professional engagement pictures, which was taken in front of the rock he proposed at.)


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