Shana Tova!

We are busy getting ready to celebrate Rosh Hashana with friends and family, but wanted to take a moment to share the holiday with our blog family too.  We want to wish you all a year of health, happiness, prosperity, love and fulfillment.

May you all be written and sealed in the book of life.

We also wanted to do a quick Rosh Hashana Video Roundup, so without further ado the new videos for this year!

The Maccabeats – Book of Good Life (Mel’s favorite)

Fountainheads – Dip Your Apple (Jess’s favorite)

Aish – Rosh Hashana Rock Anthem

JewInTheCity – The Apple iDip (Happy New Year!)

G-dcast –Shofar Callin’: The Rosh Hashanah song

Global Shofar Flashmob

Ok, this one is so not new, but it makes us laugh every time, so we couldn’t resist!
  L’Shana Tova u’Metukah!
  To a good and sweet new year!
  Jessica (& R) and Melissa (& D)

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