One Month In

Four Years! - Post by Jessica

So, Wednesday marked our one month in New York and tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary!

Since our arrival in New York, we’ve done what feels like 500 things:

Apartment things: unpacking the entire apartment, buying pieces of furniture and putting them together, kashering the oven, getting various appliances fixed that were broken when we moved in…

NYU things: going to a bunch of orientation things and meeting other people in my program, buying books, starting the reading for the first day of class, having the big new student retreat cancelled by the hurricane, interviewing and being hired for a (paid!) internship

Life things: attending two congregations, meeting lots of people, joining a knitting group (2 hours of guaranteed knitting time a week!), attending a bridal shower and a wedding (mazal tov!), meeting friends for drinks and for meals, both friends that live here and friends that are visiting and learning to grocery shop in a new city, without a car, without going broke. Oh, and figuring out a TON about the subway system and still feeling like a total novice.

I’m not an expert on the city. FAR from it. But this city is definitely starting to feel a little more comfortable. We’re starting to have a few new routines, even as we’re still exploring the options around us. I’m learning tips for saving money, even as places that accept coupons are few and far between. I managed to save us $10 on the few school supplies that we needed, just by paying attention to the sales ads!

It’s interesting to celebrate an anniversary in a new place with none of the familiar reminders around. We have a tradition that for anniversaries we get gifts for the house, and this year it’s the furniture we bought for the new place. We also decided to go out to dinner and to host our first Friday night dinner in the new place to mark the occasion. Still, it feels a little unreal to be celebrating four years as a married couple. To have four years under my belt as a 26-year-old feels sort of impressive, even as I know it’s hardly record breaking. I am grateful every day that we found each other and found each other so early in our adult lives!

In the last year, we’ve worked together at a job that demanded 50 or 60 hours a week of work and managed to not only not kill ourselves, but also really make a good year for the students we were helping to serve and leave things in a better place for this year. We went on two much-needed vacations, making what little down-time we had count. We survived R breaking a bone and needing surgery, and we survived the various colds and things that come from working with students. We worked together to plan and execute the move here, and managed to get probably 90% of the packing, moving and unpacking done without fighting about it! We saved a lot of money. We spent another significant chunk, especially with moving. We supported each other and we grew together.

We’re at the beginning of another great adventurous year. One month in NYC done, another 4 years to go, and things are only just getting started. In another five days we start class, another new phase and another set of challenges. The best part is that we’ll get to face it all together and we’re learning what we want to be for the rest of our lives.

Like a bride on my wedding day, I offer this little blessing – health, happiness and the best kind of companionship for your life. Amen. Thanks for joining us on our ride!


4 thoughts on “One Month In

  1. MAZEL TOV!!! Happy anniversary to some of the most fabulous people I know!
    Can you imagine if I told you on your wedding day that this is where you’d be today? Ya, I didn’t think so either ūüėČ I hope the next four years are filled with as much good, but less path-altering surprises!

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