The d’var torah (sermon, for lack of better word – but literally “words of torah”) on a recent Shabbat was about Moshe and his need to continue doing mitzvot right up until the end of his life.
The Rabbi told a story from the midrash (stories that fill in the gaps in the Torah and act as commentaries to what is written) that says one commentary on this is that Moshe was an addict. *gasp* Yes, that’s right, our great leader, Moshe Rabbenu, was addicted to something. He was addicted to mitzvot.

I really like this image.  (So much so that two weeks later, I’m writing a post about it!)

I think we all have things in life we are addicted to, some better than others. Mitzvot, are definitely the best thing I can imagine being addicted to.
Can you imagine being so focused on it that you just can’t imagine doing anything else with your life? That every single thing you do is always mitzvah centric? It astounds me.

I spent some time thinking about this and came to a realization. While I am definitely not grand enough to be so focused on a large scale, I have a slight mitzvah addiction. D and I are addicted to the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim – welcoming guests.

Regardless of what else is going on, we always strive to open our home to anyone in need. Be it for a Shabbat meal or a place to sleep for a night – our doors are always open.  We have had guests at times when it is the most inconvinet for us, but it is not about us – it is about whoever is in need of having a place to go.  So what if my house isn’t the biggest and we have to get very cozy to add one more person around the table, if that person would otherwise be alone – we can squish!  So what if our guest room is a mess, if a person otherwise doesn’t have a place to stay – we’ll clean what we can and they’ll be happy to have a place to lay their head!  Being able to open our home to others is one small way we can give back, and one which is rewarding beyond measure.  I don’t imagine entering treatment for this addiction anytime soon!

(I haven’t mentioned this much, but D and I recently moved and as such, we’ve been the recipients of this mitzvah quite a bit, and it is one that feels just as good to give as to receive!)


What mitzvah are you on the path to being addicted to?


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