Praying for Preggos?

Post by Melissa (photo copyright: its original owner.)

No, not Prego the spaghetti sauce, but preggos – as in pregnant friends…

You see, I have the honor of having lots of great friends all over the place.  Unfortunately, with the statistics on infertility being what they are, I also have a number friends who have had long battles with infertility.  Lately a few of these women have been very blessed to become pregnant.

It really shows the power of prayer (and good medicine) – and I want to keep up the prayer side of it.  Sadly, I can’t find a good prayer to say for someone else to have a healthy pregnancy.  So I come to you dear readers!

Does anyone know of a good prayer which exists and is specific to a healthy pregnancy? I know I could say tehillim (psalms) with them in mind, and I know that any way I pray will be heard – but I want something more specific if it exists.

So any insights any of you may have would be very welcomed!


(Also, unrelated, but we are in the process of packing and moving across town so I apologize for the randomness and infrequency which may be my posts over the next three weeks while we finish the packing, moving, and unpacking.)


6 thoughts on “Praying for Preggos?

  1. Tefillas Channah page 111— prayers for a pregnant woman and her child. page 123— prayer for the welfare of pregnant women. you can change the person of the yehi ratzon to speak about HER pregnancy rather than MY pregnancy.

    Aneni page 101.

    If you don’t have either of these seforim I can maybe copy these sections and send them to you if it’s kosher to do so…. let me know.

    Psalm 20 is good for the pregnant woman to recite daily along with any 4 psalms of her choosing.

    I conceived my twins via IVF and the prayers for getting pregnant and then the prayers for a healthy pregnancy, and then the prayer before the bris….. they all gave me such comfort. A pregnancy after infertility is very special.

    Atime has an amazing support forum for women going through PIF and SIF, etc….. a subset of the mazel tovs section is a link to a pregnancy after infertility board where even after birth we discuss diapers and breastfeeding and high chairs and whatnot— if your friends are interested, I can hook them up. 🙂

    B’shaah tovah!

  2. As a member of the opposite gender I am not so familiar with the compilations of prayers for women, but in my favorite volume of contemporary prayers (well, 19th century authored, but it’s all relative), there is a prayer specifically for a woman going into labor. It’s Likkutei Tefillos (I:30), by Reb Nosson of Breslov. Not exactly what you asked for, but still, it’s the finale of her pregnancy accompanied by great pain and risk, making there lots to pray for.

    Here’s Reb Nosson’s beautiful prayer for a woman giving birth, with an area in parenthesis to insert her name:

  3. Heather – wow! That’s great! You’re like a fount of pregnant info!

    I’m so glad to hear that your friends are expecting. B’sha’ah tovah! May they have easy and healthy pregnancies, and lots and lots and lots of nachas from their babies. And may your tefillos be very effective. 🙂

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