How do you write in a moment like this?

I, along with thousands of people world wide, have spent the past two days praying for the safe return of a nine year old frum (religious) boy who went missing in Boro Park, NY after walking home alone from his day camp.

I awoke this morning to the following blog post from Hadassah at In The Pink, and since have been speechless and unable to think about anything else:

Leiby Kletzky was a nine year old boy who just wanted to walk home from camp alone to prove he was a big boy. He never made it home. All over his neighborhood in Boro Park and beyond, people turned out to look for him, for 36 hours. Early this morning his dismembered body was found in Park Slope NY, after a man told police he had killed him and where to find his body.

This is a tragedy, a sick and twisted brutal murder. I have no words.

May his soul rest in peace.

I had some fun posts in the works, and had intended to finish one of those for you today, but in the wake of this news, I couldn’t possibly write about anything lighthearted.

I have the chorus of “What Do You Say” by Reba McEntire running through my head on repeat this morning….

What do you say in a moment like this
When you can’t find the words oh to tell it like it is
Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way
Let’s get out of here oh what do you say

Today my thoughts and prayers will still be with the Kletzky family and the entire community.  I cannot imagine what they must be feeling if my heart is this broken.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emet.


Edited to add this link to the write up about it in The Jewish Week.


4 thoughts on “How do you write in a moment like this?

  1. My children mean the world to me. Having lost a child (in by no means a similar way) I know it is a pain like no other and is one that never truly goes away. To go through what this family and community must be going through right now I hope that they will be able to be there for each other in the hours, days, weeks, and months to come to help comfort eachother in thier times of need. My heart goes out to them!

  2. I am sometimes tempted to skip over in dread the fiery descriptions of Gehinnom found in sifrei-mussar. Not today- There must be a special place in Gehinnom awaiting an angelic chassidishe child’s murderer.

    A pure cheilik-Eloka-mi’ma’al was brutually taken from our midst and klal-Yisroel is all the moor poorer for it.

  3. What a crazy thing. I found out about it when we woke up this morning, and told Raif the whole story when he asked me what was going on. It’s just totally unbelievable and terrible. That poor family & community!

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