Not my holidays…

For long time readers of this blog, what I (Melissa) am about to say will come as no surprise.

I do not celebrate Halloween, St Valentines Day or St Patricks Day. Hmm… What do these all have in common? Oh yea! They are have lost their origin in order to be commercialized for mass consumption. Just because society’s current practice of something is not religious does not mean the day is not supposed to be.

I was going to write a long tirade on all of this today, but woke up to a lovely post by Frume Sarah which addressed most of the key points. So rather than rewrite the wheel (to mix metaphors) I’ll just direct you over there. Come back when you’re done.

Ok, welcome back!

The other point I want to make is that there are more than enough Jewish holidays to keep me busy, why do I need anyone else’s? Perhaps we should focus our energies on observing our own festivals, rather than hanging onto the coat-tails on someone else’s.

So no, I’m not wearing green today, nor am I having an Irish feast for dinner. I am going to clean my house for Shabbat and put the final touches on our Purim costumes. (Plus, its a fast day, so we can’t feast anyway!)


5 thoughts on “Not my holidays…

  1. I just feel the need to point you that you also don’t celebrate my favorite secular holiday – Thanksgiving… I can’t remember if you did a post about that this year.

    • I did in fact write a post about Thanksgiving Leah. It was a repost of a drash I gave at work.
      As you may recall, my non-celebratory-ness of Thanksgiving is less a stance and more a personal ambivalence towards the holiday. Though I know many observant Jews who chose to skip the big meal on Thursday and add it into their Shabbat dinner food and conversation.

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