Happy Women Day!

Post by Melissa

Today is both “International Women’s Day” (the 100th anniversary which even Google commemorated on its home page) and “Feminist Coming Out Day” and that combination is just too monumental to ignore.

People often have a hard time with a religious women embracing feminism, but there is a totally different level of it in my world. I think that striving for women to make the choice to be egalitarian or not, to dress modestly or not, to stay home with her family or to enter the workforce are what feminism is all about at its core.  So to me, choosing to be a religious working woman who dreams of being able to both work to support her family and to be able to spend the formative years of her (future) children’s lives with them – is embracing feminism.  I will continue to strive for women to have the choice to live their life as they see fit and celebrate those who have come before me.


What are you doing today to celebrate?

I am celebrating by being my awesome working woman self, rising through the ranks, and thanking the woman who have empowered me to make it possible. Oh, and by officially  joining the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (aka: JOFA), an organization I have intended to join for awhile and feel embodies the spirit of this day in my life more than anything else.


In the words of a fabulous female friend of mine: Anything men can do women can do in high heels and while nursing a baby, pumping, and bringing home the beef fry!


One thought on “Happy Women Day!

  1. It’s amazing that we’ve come to a place where my choosing to stay home with my kids and raise them is itself a feminist choice! Amazing.

    I didn’t do anything in particular to celebrate, but I have been having an ongoing discussing with some friends about how good we have it, here in the Western world. As one friend put it, “not all women have it so good.”

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