Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today we launched the blog with this post!

Wow has life changed since then! The obvious is that we have given up our posting schedule (maybe some time down the road we will return to it, but for now, its gone).  Jessica and her hubby delayed their plans for a year for an amazing job and life opportunity. Melissa and her hubby have totally changed their method to the pursuit of the rabbinate.  J and M both have faced some serious life plan dilemas, some of which have been blogged about and others which have been too personal or are too in-the-works to yet share. M has even altered career paths after finding her “calling” in life through this blog and the community which it has created.

One big thing remains the same — we are both still actively and passively redefining Rebbetzin.

We want to take a moment to thank you, our readers, for inspiring us to keep this blog alive. Though we are not posting four times a week, we hope that what we do post is moving to you.  (Please let us know if there are more topics you would like to see addressed by emailing us directly or filling out the form on the suggestions tab.)  We are also still always looking for guest bloggers, so if you are a (future) Rabbinic spouse with something to say – let us know!  Thank you for being a part of lives in a very real way.

So have a slice of cake and see what happens in the next year! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. mazel tov on your anniversary! if you don’t mind me asking, how have you, Melissa, and your husband changed your method to pursuing the rabbinate? and your career path? sorry if these are too personal, but you can’t leave us hanging. this reader’s curiosity is definitely piqued.

    • I wondered if anyone would ask 😉
      I believe my career path was discussed in a recent post, I’ll have to find that again. As for my husband, lets just say JTS is no longer on the table and something else has our undivided attention. I’m not quite willing to divulge what that something else is publicly yet though. I will write a post about the reasons for the shift soon.

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