Easily amused

I have never pretended not to be easily amused, but I just had to share my moment of the day (as part of my attempt to blog more again!) — I checked our spam comment filter and 50% of them said something about it being the best post or blog ever, and though I knew they were spam – it still made me smile and feel like our blog is somehow contributing to the blog-o-sphere.

After all, spammers have to find you worthy enough for their spam right?

The other amusement to me are the search terms people use to bring them to our page.  Many make sense and are key words of often discused topics including mikvah, hair covering, and Judaism in general.  However some made no sense what so ever and make me question why that search term brings up our blog, and why someone searching for “budgie” would click into our blog 29 times.

What amuses you about social media, networking, blogging, tweeting, etc?



ETA – Ironically merely one hour after posting this, I got a spam comment of this nature on it.  🙂


One thought on “Easily amused

  1. Too funny Melissa!

    One of the most frequent search terms that brings readers to my blog is Gehennom! OK, I wrote one entry on the topic, but still! I mean, I address lots of other topics in Judaism besides Gehennom!

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