Dearest Readers….

On Friday, I posed the question “Is anyone still out there or am I talking to myself?” and got some interesting replies, both in comments on the blog and in personal messages. I want to take just a moment to address some of what came out, and share my thought when I posted it.

First of all, no – we do not plan to stop blogging here anytime soon.  Though Jessica has taken a break to deal with some big life changes, she’ll be back to tell you all about it soon. As much as we love this blog, our husbands and real lives do come first, so sometimes the blog has to wait while life happens.

Secondly, as much as we love to write for ourselves – we really want to be doing it for our readers also.  We want to write on topics that you will want to read.  When we go great times with no feedback (public or private) we start to wonder whether or not people are still interested in what we are sharing.  In our real lives, we have to do a lot of evaluation of programs we implement, and have approached this blog adventure with a similar mindset.  If our blog is no longer filling something for both ourselves and those who read it, perhaps it would be time to implement some changes.

That all said, we appreciated the feedback on Friday and hope you will be empowered to let us know topics you would like to see us (or just me while Jessica is still away) write about and to respond to the many questions posed in my posts.  There is a suggestion form on the site, or you can leave it in a comment or in a direct email to either of us.  We are always happy to hear what you have to say!


2 thoughts on “Dearest Readers….

  1. This is a bit late, since I was on holiday for much of this month — but I love the work you both do on this blog, and I think it is wonderful to hear your stories and experiences. I come from a more liberal background, although I find myself now (happily) connected to an orthodox synagogue here in Europe. I find quite valuable the stories about how your modes and level of observance has developed and changed through the years. Thanks again.

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