Friday Question: Do you…

We’re introducing a new segment of the blog — Friday Questions!  These will be random things which come in the blogosphere or our real lives which we want to get our readers feedback on.  If you have a question you’d like to get answers to, feel free to email Melissa (Melissa  at RedefiningRebbetzin dot com)

Our first question is inspired by a conversation Melissa had with fellow blogista, Hadassah Sabo Milner of In the Pink, today.

Do you always wear tights/nylons/socks? How do you feel about sandals in the summer or otherwise visible feet? Are there any stipulations to your feelings about these things?

MSG says (respectively): No! Love them! (I’m pretty sure Miriam wore sandals in the desert.) Very few, unless I’m in a setting where my not being in nylons will really make me feel uncomfortable for being outside the norm of the community, I’m not into them (though I do wear them for warmth in the winter, but that is a totally different question).


2 thoughts on “Friday Question: Do you…

  1. as i told you today, my line has always been I bet Miriam didn’t wear panty hose in the desert!!

    I wear them when appropriate…..

  2. Amen, girls! I don’t wear tights except in the winter or if they look cute with my skirt (I have a nice collection of fun tights).

    Most of my girlfriends, at least in the Chabad community, wear stockings all the time with sandals. At first I felt out of place but then I remembered, it’s just minhag. And I have my own! 🙂

    Interestingly, I used to be obsessed with wearing stockings when I was younger. But I have always had an issue with droopy, loose, or otherwise not perfect fitting tights. And I hate them at my waist!

    As I start thinking about packing for my 6 month adventure to study in Israel, I know my tights and stockings will be there but so will my flip flops and sandals that have a thingie between my toes – aka looks awkward with stockings.

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