babysitting is not birth control

Post by Melissa

There, I said it.*

I am not one of those people who fawns over infants and wants to hold them and coos and stuff. However, give me interactive kids and I’m so beyond happy.  Even when misbehaving, I find kids to be so entertaining and intriguing and I love it much more than I dislike it.

Recently D and I had the pleasure of having a sleepover with a five-and-a-half year old friend.  We went swimming, watched some cartoons, had dinner, and watched a Pixar movie.  All in all a good night.  “Uncle” D read him some books while I got some of his other bedtime needs handled. I even bartered with him for 15 min of laying in bed resting, and that if he still couldn’t sleep then I’d read to him – which seemed to do the trick as he fell asleep shortly thereafter.

I slyly checked in with mom via instant messaging while the boys were reading, and she reminded me that this is good birth control and I had to laugh to myself.  Having over such a great kid does the opposite for me.  I am excited to one day get to do these rituals with my own children.  To teach them to swim and to love to read.  To play fun games at the kitchen table while D cooks dinner.  To have to to figure out the best lighting and window situation for sleep.  These little things are so integral to a child’s life and being a small part of that is a huge honor.

So, while this is yet another postponement of the reflections on my first year of marriage, in some way – it ties in.  One year into our marriage D and I have learned a lot about each other’s parenting styles from watching our interactions with the various young children in our life, and that has been an invaluable experience.  We know where we act similarly and where we don’t, and have some time to find a common ground before we are not on the same page for our own children.  Its easier to conflict with someone else’s kids, because ultimately its their parents who set the real ground work and rules they live by.

I look forward to the day when D and I can have to face these issues for our own children, but in the meantime, I’m happy to keep playing Aunt Melissa to whomever will have me.

*And by it, I do not mean to give anyone the idea that I am announcing a pregnancy. Just to clear that up and not let rumors get started!


One thought on “babysitting is not birth control

  1. Babysitting isn’t even close to the real thing! The real thing is… 100% more incredible and rewarding. I can’t even find the right words, but it’s really early in the morning. 😛 Being a mother is the most awe-inspiring and humbling thing I’ve ever done.

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