What’s new with Melissa?

Just thought I’d take a moment today to update you on our path and progress over the past few months.  D and I continue to have regular conversations about how we see ourselves as a Rabbinic couple (for lack of better word), and how the movements in denominational Judaism may or may not fit our desires.  The end result is, we basically want to be Chabad shaliachs, without being Chabadniks – but well, that just doesn’t exist.

So in the interim, D continues to focus his sights on his top choice school, and vacillate on what the best second choice would be if for some reason he does not get in.  His love of Jewish learning, while definitely an asset, has also made this decision very difficult.  It is hard to find the perfect place for both his educational and personal needs.  We will see where the road takes us.  Application time is fast approaching, and he has started reading the materials necessary for the essays and is redirecting some of his learning to better match the needed info for the time being – though you can be sure he is not giving up his Sephardi learning!

As for me, I have decided to pursue a (second) masters in Jewish Education, so that I can find more efficient ways to get the word out about the women’s issues in Judaism which I am so passionate about.  Along the way, I plan to continue finding new ways to study and enhance both my Judaic and academic knowledge of the issues facing Jewish women, and how best to help us embrace our roles, rather than be ashamed of them. Oh, and the mikvah research based on the survey I posted earlier is still ongoing. I am finding the results to be fascinating and would appreciate your continued support in sharing the link with others you may know!

{For those looking at the time of this post, yes, I did just post at 4:15am MST – I have laryngitis and some associated throat swelling which is keeping me up, so I figured I share some of the early morning with you all}


4 thoughts on “What’s new with Melissa?

  1. I think it is more correct to say that the ‘shaliah’ model you admire isn’t widely discussed outside Chabad. In fact, many small communities in America and elsewhere have had fine, devoted, and important scholarly rabbanim. It just wasn’t talked about as much. If you check, some of the significant rabbanim of previous generations (in terms of their piety, scholarship, and impact) were in small towns. Sadly, the Jewish communities of many of these towns succumbed to the social and cultural tides, and assimilated to disappear from Jewish history.

      • No suggestions.

        You know, hebrewbooks.org published years ago a CD-ROM of “333 Rare Seforim By American Rabbis 1860-1960.” It was mind boggling to see some of the towns that these rabbanim were in. Sadly, many of them are communities that have long disappeared. Still, a casual study of some of these may be an inspiration for you all.

        The, too, you could always watch this classic Western rabbinic tale: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Frisco_Kid

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I may just have to check that out. Could prove inspirational, or at least, informative.
        The Frisco Kid is one of our all time favorite movies! We joke every year that we should be Rabbi and Cowboy for Purim 🙂

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